Aquí, en la lucha…! Pingueros and Contemporary Metaphors of Survival

The food in the buffet was beyond repetitive and unrecognizable in some cases.

Gay Travel Guide: Havana, Cuba

Cockroaches were seen running from the fruit and vegetable dishes on two separate days. That in itself is enough to make you lose your lunch! This hotel seems to operate with an undercurrent of allowed prostitution, mostly old men of several nationalities parading around with, in some cases, very young teen-aged Cuban girls. The staff seemed to openly shun anyone who only spoke English Us Nothing friendly in any part of this hotel's operation. Sunwing is doing the public a huge disservice by using this property. They have a "free" shuttle that had so many people holding their reservation stubs, that three to four bus loads wanted to ride.

We chose to go into Havana with the 3 CUC peso return bus, located across the street from the hotel. The hotel pool has NO safety or lifeguarding equipment, and many children on day-passes were left to their own devices while their irresponsible parents spent their time drinking and eating at the grill provided near the pool. Across the street through a dusty pathway, you find the beach.

It is littered with many broken lounge chairs and and leftover garbage from uncaring beachgoers. The only gem on this trip, was the Mirazul Restaurant about 2 blocks down the street from the hotel. Awesome grilled shrimp and lobster, cheap and very tasty! Unfortunately the proprietors of this restaurant are swamped by local youths hanging out loitering and holding chairs and tables for their own usage, while willing, paying customers were left to wait. Now, back to Sunwing: On our departure date, our flight was not even listed on the correct lobby sheet. It was NOT!!! The rep told us to wait in the lobby by They change time at mignight.

This meant that our bus pickup would turn out to be That night the bus finally arrived at 1: We did manage to get our flight out - way too close for comfort for everyone who was depending on that ride. The hotel tried to pull a fast-one on us as well.

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They called our room on Saturday, March 31st at 5 pm wanting to know why we hadn't checked out yet. They wanted us to pay an additional 15 CUC pesos. I went down to the frontdesk, with paperwork in hand and was quickly told not to worry, that Sunwing told them a late check-out was part of our trip arrangment. The two young ladies who were also stuck waiting in the lobby, were told at 5pm that they had 10 minutes to get out of their rooms, or be thrown out. How miserable can reception staff get???

Never a manager, or anyone who could actually speak passable English was every on duty. My husband and I felt terribly discriminated against at this property, and you can be sure we will NEVER darken it's doorways again. What a wasted trip our anniversary. Please do not go here. I would also entertain any feedback from either the Hotel or Sunwing.

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My sincere apologies for the alleged suffered inconveniences. I have not been able to trace the problem with the bedding at check-in, it should never happen. Our procedure does not allow to give any room until it has the OK from Housekeeping.

Food is a very important issue in an All Inclusive Hotel and we elaborate cycles of menus with the intention of offering variety on products and on elaboration but in your case we have failed to meet your expectations. Usually when buying a holiday package, dates, times and services are described in the invoice or voucher. I understand that sometimes when flying on night flight there is some confusion.

I was happy with the food - quite good and a good variety, given it is a 2 star hotel. The main issue was it was not kept very warm.

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  • Castro has softened his stance on gay rights, but the rest of Cuba is still catching up.
  • But it was tasty, and I was relieved to see fresh pineapple and other fruit served daily. I had gone to a 2 star hotel in Varadaro a few years ago, and the food was inedibile and there was NO fruit whatsoever. The beach was very good, I would just walk a couple hundred metres down from the hotel and the beach there was almost like your own private one! Everyone is shoulder to shoulder on the beach right across from the hotel. Not my idea of fun! The room was clean, and housekeeping was there daily.

    I would leave some new shirts, toothbrushes, ball caps, etc on my pillow each morning, along with one CUC and she really appreciated it. She thanked me a few times. They really do appreciate these types of items, they are difficult to get down there. The location is superb I would get the 3 CUC bus and spend the day in Havana.

    The best gay friendly places in Havana (2017)

    Although the hotel offers a free shuttle, the other bus gives more flexibility in travel times. A half hour and you are in the city. I recommend going to the LatinoAmerican stadium in Havana to take in a baseball game. They love their baseball down there, and it only cost 3 pesos to get in. The stadium is a little run down a foul ball that hit the upper tier stands resulted in a shower of rust falling on me and dozens of other fans.

    That was pretty funny. Yes, there are prosititutes that sit on the lobby chairs in the evenings, and being a single male, they were asking me, but after I rejected them they wouldn't pester me.

    Where Cuba’s Gays Meet Up

    You do see a number of older men with young, presumably local prostitutes, walking hand in hand. It is pretty creepy, and I can see how people would be offended witnessing this. I just ignored it and did my own thing. The biggest thing I didn't like was the constant stench of cigars and cigarettes in the hotel lobby which is open air. There are a lot of smokers, and except for the restaurants, smoking is pretty much everywhere. Even being open air, I still found it just stunk in the lobby. Beware of the front desk clerks.


    They are generally unfriendly, but even more annoying is that they are often trying to shortchange you when you change your currency. On one occasion, when getting less than I expected back, I asked about the rate.

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    Without her uttering a word, she reached in and grabbed a 3 CUC bill and gave it to me. No apology, nothing. She knew she had been caught out. Count your change, and ask for the rate!! So, good location, good food, good beach I would go back. Well, where to start FOOD For a two star, the food was good. No illness, and managed to find a selection of food we liked at each meal bonus: The architecture is something else I have happily slept in dorms in Tibet, ate supper while sitting on dirt floors in India, rode chicken buses in Africa, and swam in my in-ground private pool in Costa Rica.

    It is a 1 hr, 45 minute bus ride from the Varadero airport to the hotel because the bus stops at Jibacoa Breeezes first.

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    I understand the attraction. I work in criminal justice so I have heard all the justifications for sexual exploitation. But in the end, sexual exploitation of third world youth is wrong. And those predators should be exposed back home.